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About Us

Walnut Grove Energy is an authorized Amvic™ ICF and Alleguard distributor for energy-efficient and comfortable home solutions

Owners Geoff Brooks and Tracey Klenk are dedicated to the growth of sustainable, energy efficient products in the building industry.

Geoff and Tracey have 30+ years in their respective areas of expertise. Geoff as a building contractor and Tracey in operations management.  They met as co-workers a few years back when Geoff was taking a break from running his own company.  It did not take long for them to realize that their individual skills were complementary and their interest in sustainability mutual.

Geoff resumed his contracting business and Tracey joined him as Operations Manager.

As a builder, Geoff is dedicated to keeping up with the ever-changing building codes and even exceeding them. In researching the cutting edge in sustainable building products, he found ICF (insulated concrete forms) to be a viable and effective product. He uses ICF products for walls and floors along with multiple insulation panels for his remodeling projects. The benefit to the homeowner is a reduced energy bill and a more comfortable home.

When the opportunity to be a distributor of Amvic™ ICF and Alleguard presented itself, it made good sense to  enter into a business partnership. Geoff’s wife, Emily, and Tracey’s husband, Jon, agreed and Walnut Grove Energy, LLC was created.

Geoff and Tracey also own a Realty Holding Company.

Our Team

We’ve been building, designing and remodeling for 30+ years. We use Amvic™ ICF and Alleguard products in our own general contracting business for energy-efficient and comfortable home solutions.

Geoff Brooks


Geoff Brooks has 30+ years of experience as a builder and is dedicated to the growth of sustainable, energy efficient products in the industry. Geoff and Tracey co-founded Walnut Grove Energy to bring the benefits of sustainable building products to customers looking for quality construction, reduced energy bills, and a more comfortable working and living space. Geoff is also the owner of Walnut Grove General Contracting.

Tracey Klenk


Tracey Klenk has 30+ years of experience working in organizational administration, finance, HR, and other related areas. Along with Geoff, she has a strong commitment to the building industry and the growth of sustainable building products. Tracey handles everything behind the scenes ( and a lot out in front!) for both Walnut Grove Energy and Walnut Grove General Contracting.

Gabrielle Casey

Gabrielle Casey

Business Development Manager

Gabby’s diverse expertise in logistics, data analysis, and inventory control optimizes supply chain processes. Her proficiency in cost reduction and efficient stock management ensures informed decision-making. Gabby is enthusiastic about enhancing business relationships and contributing to collaborative successes.

Years of Experience

What we distribute

ICF Walls, ICE Floors, Insulated Panels, and more!

Concrete Forms

A superior ICF block that is sustainable, energy efficient and disaster resilient.

Radiant Flooring

Energy efficient insulation systems that save on labor and installation time.

Roofing & Decking

Concrete floor and roof system for commercial and residential applications.


Innovative and eco-friendly composite waterproofing barriers for various systems.