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Concrete floor and roof system

Why Build with Amdeck?

Strength. Comfort. Efficiency. Sustainability.

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Insulated Concrete Floor and Roof System

Amvic’s Amdeck system is an insulated, stay in place concrete form that can be used for virtually any floor or roof construction. It is compatible with any wall type that would normally be used with typical concrete slab. It is a 4-in-1 system offering structure, insulation, sound attenuation and finished attachment. Amdeck is a cost effective, resilient and environmentally friendly construction system helping revolutionize modern construction and change the way we build.

This innovative modular system uses beam pocket cutouts in the foam to create a one-way concrete slab allowing the designer to maximize the clear spans. The system has integrated joists that are used to support temporary construction loads and provide a surface for interior finish attachment. Amdeck Pro reduces temporary shoring requirements while Amdeck Eco follows typical shoring requirements for concrete slabs. Amdeck can be used in a horizontal or sloped configuration for floors and roofs with typical finished unsupported clear spans up to 30’ (9.1m). It is perfectly suited for use with ICF walls or independently with other structural systems.

Amdeck Eco

Joist Type: Dimensional lumber

Amdeck Eco is designed for low-rise residential applications with longer sections increasing construction speed. The use of dimensional lumber for the joists simplifies the construction by using a commonly available construction material.

Amdeck Pro

Joist Type: Lightweight steel C-channel

Amdeck Pro is designed for commercial applications with compact modular design allowing the forms to be easily transported and installed even in smaller spaces. The forms have embedded polypropylene webs offering even greater temporary construction load distribution to the metal joists.

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Why Build with Amdeck?

Strength and Resilience

The monolithic reinforced concrete slab makes for a much stronger structure when compared to other methods of construction. The combination of high strength and fire resistance creates superior resistance to both natural and man-made disasters. The floor/roof components do not lose their structural integrity when exposed to high moisture environments.

Indoor Comfort

The combination of increased air tightness and continuous insulation creates a superior building envelope which has virtually no drafts and maintains the conditioned space within the optimal thermal comfort range. The use of the concrete contributes to great sound attenuation properties giving the occupants a quiet and comfortable interior.

Energy Efficiency

Amdeck’s continuous layer of insulation serves to reduce the effects of thermal bridging while having the flexibility to accept additional insulation to improve its thermal performance even further. The combination of the high thermal resistance, improved air tightness and thermal mass makes for a very energy efficient building.


The highly energy efficient envelope can reduce the building’s carbon footprint while the durable and robust structure fortifies it against nature’s unavoidable hazards giving concrete construction a long service life. Additionally, EPS can be made from recycled material minimizing the impact on the environment through reduced raw material demand.

Amvic™ Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)

An Award Winning ICF Block

Amvic™ Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) are a stay in place, 5-in-1 concrete forming system incorporating structure, insulation, an air/vapor barrier and a finish attachment. It is a cost effective, resilient and environmentally friendly construction system. Amvic™ ICF is revolutionizing modern construction and changing the way we build for a greener tomorrow.

Green Building with Amdeck

Amvic’s Amdeck system is an excellent alternative for environmentally friendly and long-lasting construction. There are several elements that make Amdeck the preferred choice for sustainable construction.

Reduces Harmful Emissions

Amvic manufacturing facilities use steam and cold water to produce Amdeck forms. No harmful chemicals like CFC’s, HCFC’s, formaldehyde are used in Amvic’s manufacturing process eliminating off-gassing and greatly reducing harmful emissions.

Contributes to LEED® Certification

The USGBC’s LEED® Certification program provides a framework for assessing building performance and sustainability based on water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality. Amdeck may contribute points towards LEED® certification.

Minimizes Waste

Amdeck forms are highly versatile and generate very little landfill bound waste.

Uses Recycled Materials

Amdeck’s webs are manufactured using 100% post-industrial recycled polypropylene.